Harmonious Maladies

by Melissa Cox

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Harmonious Maladies, a concept album, is a musical manifestation of Melissa Cox's slightly bipolar life and deals with juxtapositions and diametric ideas such as love and hate, peace and war, good and evil, life and death. The album encompasses a full year of writing and recording at two studios in Denver and Delaware.


released November 18, 2011

All songs written and composed by Melissa Cox except "Gone Away" written by The Offspring. "Ireland" co-written by Melissa Cox and Will Inglis. Produced by Melissa Cox.



all rights reserved


Melissa Cox Tauranga, New Zealand

Melissa Cox strives to fuse her diverse musical tastes and influences, from Celtic to rock to trip hop, into a style all her own. Melissa has won several national and regional songwriting awards, shared the stage with the Spin Doctors, Sister Hazel, Smash Mouth, & Three Dog Night, and headlined scores of U.S. festivals. Melissa is also the lead singer of Mythica. www.MelissaCoxMusic.net ... more

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Track Name: Courage
I'm chasing twisters down an avalanche
Across the great divide
Up to your sprawling sky
Away from all connection
Away from all the lines
Of sane communication
To your unspoken lies.

You can break my heart
Take my brain
You won't, you won't, you won't
You will not take my courage away.
Break my heart
Cause me pain
You won't, you won't, you won't
You will not take my courage away.

Can you see it
My house up in your sky,
Inside your funnel cloud
A million miles high?
Away from all connection
Of trust and gratitude,
Now I'm daily haunted
By frequencies of you.


I hear you on the phone,
I hear you on the net,
Sacrificing promises
I thought that you had kept,
Tasting all the tears I
Foolishly had wept.
Track Name: The Shallow Deep
fail to find truth in your mind. you’re such an animal. who knew you were so fickle in your mind?

how can you breathe all you believe when you’re choked by the vines of your own hate? how can you live a life so deep when you sleep inside a shallow grave?

fail to impress. only distress. you’re such an animal. who knew you were so shallow in your head?
Track Name: Ireland (by M. Cox & Will Inglis)
I got a quarter tank of gas. Is that enough to get me where I want to be on the green grass of that lovely melody, in that shining symphony in Ireland?

Tell me once tell me twice, but I won't listen to the voices in my head about what I'm missin' back home, back home 'cause I'm bound to roam to Ireland.

Oh this road is so lonely. Oh this road is so lonely. Stay... just stay... just stay with me.

Mister, how do I get back to the road where I left my heart intact on his shoulder when I cried, I cried, when I lost all my designs for Ireland?

Got a quarter tank of gas. Is that enough to get me to the promised land of Ireland?
Track Name: Valedico
hallelujah. hallelujah. amicus usque ad aras, di te incolumem custodiant, custodiant. amen. amen. (hallelujah. a friend even to the altar of sacrifice, may the gods guard your safety. amen.)
Track Name: Gone Away (cover by The Offspring)
(lyrics by The Offspring)

maybe in another life i could find you there.
pulled away before your time.
i can’t deal it’s so unfair.

and it feels like heaven’s so far away.
and it feels like the world is so cold now that you’ve gone away.

leaving flowers on your grave to show that i still care but black roses and hail marys can’t bring back what’s been taken from me.

i reach to the sky and call out your name. oh if i could trade i would.

and it feels like heaven’s so far away. and it stings now. the world is so cold now that you’ve gone away.

i’ll save your soul. i reach to the sky and call out your name. oh please let me trade. i would.
Track Name: To Carrie Fisher, with love
Three degrees from PMDD to insanity, diagnoses and psychotherapy. Either too crazy or not crazy enough. It's true: it's the artist's catch-22.

Well I love your "was-band" but just for his words. A short little bald man with a sexy tight verse, could he give my man a pointer or two on how to love a woman who'se loosened her screws?

Chorus: Did you get my postcard Carrie from the edge of my heart, the one I mailed to you right before I jumped? It's a million miles from Denver to Newark. Will I ever get there before I fall apart?

I'm an imposter at an Al Anon group. I need something stronger than this chicken soup to heal my addiction to anonymous praise, to halt my quest for elusive fame.

A million miles, a million roads, one princess, a million toads. I do the show, I go home alone. Carrie is this just how it goes?

Well do you like this song about my mental state? Too bad it won't see any radio play. Guess the only way to get famous these days is to go "gaga" half naked at the cabaret.
Track Name: Explode
Explode my own composition
Of sick, toxic blind ambition.
Trip this wire. Ready, aim, fire.
Trip this wire. Ready, aim, fire.

Strap on this dynamite to the road blocks in my head.
I won't fall in love, I won't fall in love
I won't fall in love again.
Bring on this missile strike to every word I said.
I won't fall in love, I won't fall in love
I won't fall in love again.

Explain this rain, acidic to taste,
Streaming from my eyes down my face
Trip this wire. Ready, aim, fire.
Trip this wire. Ready, aim, fire.

Track Name: Petty Gun
take all that you said and rearrange it to what you meant. after all they’re only words. complicate the mystery and hold on tight to your beliefs no matter how much they hurt.

it’s only a matter of time before it crashes on our lives.

hey take your promises today. it’s not enough you have already won. hey take your promises today and trade them in for your own pretty gun.

twenty seconds to your launch. i hope their souls begin to haunt your thoughts and your dreams. he is died he is risen he created your private prison. all is not what you see in me.

not on my watch. not on my time. it’s not too late.
Track Name: Late to Say
list your name in the book of angels
missionaries and boy scouts.
something like cyanide but much too loud.
another saint is taken down.
oh let us make a pact to find on the other side the life we thought we’d have in this life.

it’s not too late to wonder why.
it’s not too late for me to write.
it’s not too late to kiss your eyes.
it’s not too late to say goodnight.

sucking on a metal popsicle.
you were so loved you just didn’t know.
oh god i feel so alone right now.

i’ve forgotten how to smile
and though the devil knows my name
he tells me lies. i’ve tried so many many times
to find an answer to my life.
Track Name: Maluaka Beach
aloha my love from the isle of maui
in my teeny weeny polka dot bikini.
i’m stealing kisses under a banyan tree.
love’s so much sweeter in hawaii.
take away this cold and icy snow.
take away the sadness i have known.
i need a place where I can go.
give me my boat so i can row away to Maluaka.

the alien wasteland is taking over
as my little cup is flowing over.
i never felt so young but so much older.
old man time is getting slower.
here’s the place you when after you die,
the burning hula hoop up in the sky.
i’m mixing up the juice in my mai tai.
now i just have to learn to fly away to Maluaka Beach.

mysterious goddess of the sea, will you take my hand and carry me to a place where i can live happily, just me and my love sailing free away to Maluaka Beach.
Track Name: Vicarious (remix)
carbon freeze takes away twelve degrees of me.
water down your sea. mission complete.
now i understand what it takes to become a man.
come in from behind. teach how to divide.

what difference can i make when all women mistake their lovelessness with hate? this stained glass ceiling it’s falling down on me so i’ll live vicariously.

thinking way too hard. may this be my bard.
sexton is my home. i feel so alone.

so when you go i know how to be your shadow and your treasure full of gold. we’ll fly away my love out to that sea beyond. i will live. vicarious.